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From the Chief Knight (June, 2015)

posted Aug 4, 2015, 6:47 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Aug 4, 2015, 6:47 PM ]

Greetings my Fellow Knights and families,

The Knights of St. Andrew would like to extend our congratulations to all of our new Scottish Rite Knights who were part of the 2015 class. Welcome to the Scottish Rite! Now what? What can or should you do to get involved? Well, there are many answers. Let’s explore a few.
We can ask to join AV Tech team to improve the lights and sound so our reunions can impress all of the candidates as well as those Brothers who attend to watch. If you have any experience in these areas, please let us know so we can get you started right away. Your talents are welcomed. Worshipful Gregg Hall is current AV Chairman.
We can seek to join one of the four Officer Lines here at Scottish Rite. Like Blue Lodge, we can help plan and coordinate events, assist those Brothers who are in need, learn the ritual for opening and closing and other functions. Serving in these Lines can be fun and rewarding not only to you, but to our Valley which is our Masonic Family we serve as a whole.
We can volunteer to help with Janitorial and maintenance issues. Just ask Angela or Hank our Secretary how you can help. There is always something to do. Your know how may be the difference in solving a problem that might have otherwise costs the Temple funds that could rather have been  spent in more helpful ways, like services for our Rite Care center and more.
Being part of a Degree team and learn one of your favorite rituals that you attended during the Reunion. Our goal for the Valley is to confer all of our Degrees and improve the way we impart these great lessons. Ask any degree director for info.
There is another group that you can join or work with that participates in all of these activities and that is The Knights of St. Andrew! We are here to serve, plain and simple. Whether to assist one of the four Officer Bodies with an event or help with personnel, help with dinner service, participate in the Arch of Steel for special events and dignitaries, assist the AV team, greet our guest at the doors, visit other KSA Valley’s and exchange ideas and fellowship. Plan and execute great events.  Let’s build together.
Our next KSA meeting is June 2nd at 7:00 pm at the SJSR Temple. Food will be provided.
No matter how you choose to participate, the important thing is that you do. We all have busy schedules with work and family. But if we all put in what we can, the difference would be felt immediately. As we’ve all heard before, we get out of Masonry what we put into it. May your journey fill your heart and being with content and spiritual light, whatever path this Freedom leads you to pursue. Let the Chivalric lessons you learned as newly received Knights direct you on a coarse that any realm of Knights from any given age would look upon with honor and respect.

Jason Barnett, 
Chief Knight 2015