The St. Andrew’s Cross

(Cross Saltier, Crux Decussata) forms the jewel of the 29°, Knight of St. Andrew. The cross of this shape has many Masonic associations. It is represented upon the Celestial Sphere of the Fellow Craft Degree as the point at which the plane of the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator. Plato taught that it marked the spot of the creation of the universe. It is thus a symbol of change or transformation, and it is as this that it appears in the prophetic casting of lots, which we have come to know as the children’s game, Tic Tac Toe. In the original casting ritual, the X represented change and transition while the O represented permanence and stability. It also symbolizes the intersection or interaction of the material with the spiritual. In making the Sign of the Good Shepherd, the arms form a St. Andrew’s Cross, used as the position of prayer in the Scottish Rite. The major symbol of the 29°, it also appears in the camp symbol of the 32°, were its crossing marks the location of the Grand Commander. In many of the Degrees from the 6° onward, a St. Andrew’s Cross is formed by crossed swords. (Text Source)

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